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Walk Sequence Mailing Lists -

Residential and Business Occupant
 "Walk Sequence" Mailing Lists


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Business Mailing Lists Lists

Consumer Mailing Lists

We have the file to reach almost 100% of all consumer and/or business addresses in the United States. This file is optimized for postal discounts when mailed standard class. The file is updated monthly and is sourced from the United States Postal Service.

So, What Is Walk Sequence?   ....and why is it the least expensive way to mail?

Mail deliver personnel have a set order in which they are suppose to deliver their individual carrier routes.  Before they leave the post office however they spend time in the office sorting the days mail in the same order they deliver.  Whether they later walk the route or deliver from a vehicle is irrelevant.  A better name for this type of list may be "Delivery Sequence" which is now also being used to describe lists such as this.  In any case a mailing prepared in the order of delivery eliminates the carriers need to spend time in the office sorting it.  Time is money - so if you can save the PO money they are willing to reduce the postage expense.

Is this type of list also called an "Occupant List"?

Yes, there normally are no names on such lists but name can be purchased at additional cost.  Pieces addressed as such typically say "John Doe" on the first line and "Or Current Occupant" on the line directly below.  Other title slugs as they are called can be changed to fit the need, for example "The Pizza Lover At" followed by the address is acceptable.

Is there a minimum on how many pieces I have to mail to get the walk sequence postage discount?

The smallest number acceptable is a full carrier route.  Now how many pieces is that?  It varies but can range from as few as 300 to as many as 650, but those numbers are completely arbitrary - at best it is a "ballpark" range.  If you are trying to target a specific neighborhood there are two ways to figure out which carrier routes serve those areas.  The first is to try and get the info from your local post office.  The second is to purchase a zip code carrier route map and make the determination yourself by looking at the map.  We can provide the current count of deliveries for each carrier route free of charge.

If you don't already know about postal permits and other mailing requirements you may want to visit your local postmaster or the bulk mail acceptance clerk for more info.

Various types of selections are listed below:

   Dwelling Unit Select
   Omit Drop Addresses
   Sets mail date for seasonal address calculations
   Limit Selection to City or Rural Addresses
   Include Route Types
   Residential/Business Selector
   Include College Addresses
   Trailer Addresses

Call 800-471-8500  for a further overview and opinion on the correct course of action for you.

For Additional Information Or To Place An Order Call 800-471-8500